NSUACE (Sibstrin) invites to participate in the XIV international scientific and technical conference "Actual issues of architecture and construction", which will be held from March 30 to April 1, 2021 in a mixed format

There are the following forms of participation:

  • distant format – remote oral presentation;
  • in the form of a video report – pre-recorded video reports are posted on the conference website, discussion is conducted by correspondence with the author by e-mail;
  • correspondence – publication of materials in the national bibliographic database of the RSCI or in the international abstract database Scopus without an oral presentation.
  • video report.

The conference will work in the following directions:

1. Building structures and foundations. Structural Analysis

  • Reinforced concrete structures
  • Structural calculations
  • Metal structures
  • Wood and plastic structures
  • Grounds, foundations and engineering geology

2. Modern problems of architecture and urban planning

  • Actual problems of transforming the architectural environment in modern conditions
  • Architecture and reconstruction of the urban environment
  • Actual issues of urban development, housing and communal services

3. Environmental technologies of water management and water energy complexes, and energy conservation

  • Modern problems of hydraulic engineering construction and the organization of geodetic control in safety monitoring
  • Environmental technologies, processing and disposal of technogenic formations and wastes
  • Heat and gas supply, ventilation and air protection

4. Technology, organization and mechanization of construction

  • Technology of construction work in extreme climatic conditions
  • Organization and construction management
  • Mechanization and automation in construction

5. Information technology, mathematical modeling and da-ta interpretation methods

6. Socio-humanitarian knowledge in the structure of mod-ern science

  • Interdisciplinary research in the social and humanitarian field
  • Features of language training for specialists in the construction industry in modern conditions

7. Investments and construction business: determinants, problems, prospects

8. Modern socio-economic systems: target guidelines, problems and prospects in the information economy

We invite you to take part in other scientific events of NSUACE (Sibstrin) from March 30 to April 1, 2021

Round table "Environmental technologies of urbanized territories" (in English)

  • Responsible – Sineeva N. V., Ph.D. tech. sciences
  • E-mail: sineeva@sibstrin.ru
  • Tel.: 8 (383) 266-16-64

Conference working languages: Russian, English.

Online registration to the conference

Organizing committee address:

  • 630008, Novosibirsk
  • 113 Leningradskaya Street,
  • Off. 337
  • Scientific Information Department.

The head of the Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Kruglikova Anastasia Valerievna
  • E-mail: ntio@sibstrin.ru,
  • Tel.: 8 (383) 266-25-27

Based on the results of the conference, the collections of conference materials (RSCI and Scopus) will be published. Publication of report materials is carried on fee basis.


Form of participation

Publication fee (RSCI), rub.

Publication fee, euro

Students, postgraduates

Employees of universities, organizations












video report




Conference materials are published free of charge for students, postgraduates, employees of NSUACE (Sibstrin), as well as for participants from sponsor and partner organizations.

The most significant reports will be recommended by the Organizing Committee for publication in the journals “Trudy NSUACE” (bibliographic base of the RSCI) and “Izvestiya Vuzov. Construction” (list of the Higher Attestation Commission). Articles are drawn up according to the requirements of journals (www.nauka.sibstrin.ru/oni/trudy/article/ and www.sibstrin.ru/news/conference/) and are published free of charge.