UNESCO approved the activitу of the UNESCO Chair at NSUACE (Sibstrin)

The activity of scientists, academic staff, and students on the problems of the UNESCO Chair “Theory and Technology of Environmental Safety in Water Resources Control” at NSUACE (Sibstrin) has been given a high rating.

As noted in the letter written by Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education, UNESCO (Paris, France), sent to the university on May 29, 2019, good results were achieved by the UNESCO Chair of  Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin) during the four-year activity period. Based on this, the agreement on the validity of the UNESCO Chair at NSUACE (Sibstrin) has been extended for 4 years (until October 2023).

For the next period the following tasks are allotted to the UNESCO Chair:

  • conducting scientific research on water issues;
  • training of specialists;
  • scientific exchange and publications in the field of water-related sciences and education in Eastern and Central Europe and Asia in close cooperation with UNESCO.