The UNESCO Chair Master Students’ Internship at the University of Belgrade (Serbia)

From November 19 till November 24, 2018, master students of the UNESCO Chair at NSUACE (Sibstrin) completed internship at the University of Belgrade (Serbia).

The University of Belgrade prepared a very rich and interesting program for our master students. In just one week they got acquainted with the extensive educational and scientific activities of the university, as well as with the rich culture and architecture of Serbia. The language of communication was English, so it allowed our master students to successfully apply their communication skills.

On the first day our group had a tour around the university buildings.  The students visited a library, the building where architecture, engineering and hydraulic engineering departments are situated. Special attention was paid to the hydrotechnical laboratory, where the students could learn about all the details of the operation of various water treatment facilities in miniature.

In the first half of the day our group attended lectures and seminars, actively participated in discussions with university professors, discussed research and projects in the field of hydraulic engineering and water use, presented their scientific work and research results. The professors of the University of Belgrade gave their recommendations and shared their materials that will help the master students in their further research.

In the afternoon field trips and a cultural program were organized for our students.  They visited water treatment plants, where they were shown the whole process of water purification. They also visited the construction site, where the Austrian construction company STRABAG is building  a new bridge with local runoff waters treatment facilities. The master students walked around the center of Belgrade, visited cathedrals, the city library, the Tesla Museum and Kalemegdan - an ancient fortress with an incredible view of the city, which looks magnificent at night.

The internship in Belgrade gave an excellent opportunity to the UNESCO Chair master students to share their knowledge and to acquire new one. It also helped to take a different look at scientific work thanks to the recommendations and materials of Belgrade professors. And the impressions and memories about the trip are really great!

P.S.: The University  of Belgrade was founded in 1808 as the Belgrade Higher School. On February 27, 1905, it was transformed into a university by the royal decree. The intensive growth of the university was observed after the Second World War. Nowadays 80 thousand students from 42 countries of the world are trained at the university according to 325 educational programs within 31 faculties and 11 institutes.