Internatonal summer schools - 2016

    The International Affairs Centre of NSUACE (Sibstrin) submitted an application for grants to the DAAD Academic Exchange Service to finance German participants of Summer International Schools – 2016 on the basis of our University.

     Themes of the Summer Schools correspond to the profile of  NSUACE (Sibstrin). The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Development offered the theme “Renewal of Urban Environmental Objects (Architectural Heritage of A.Kryachkov)” , the Faculty of Economics, Management and Humanitarian Education offered the theme  «Territorial Marketing as an Instrument of Social-Economic Development of a Region». The UNESCO Chair on the basis of  Sibstrin proposed the theme “Problems of Integrated Use and Protection of Water Resources and Ways of Their Solution”, the Scientific Educational Centre of Computer  Modeling CADFEM- Sibstrin  - the theme  «Computer Modeling of Physical Processes».

     Alongside with German students and postgraduates , students from universities of the USA, France, Serbia, Korea and China are going to be invited. Sibstrin students will participate in the Summer International Schools on a competitive basis .

     The working language is English.

     The program includes lectures, seminars, presentations, workshops, visits to profile enterprises and objects.

     Summer International Schools offer varied cultural program.

The Schools are planned for August 2016.

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